About hydradev


Founded in 2015, with more than 100 successfully completed projects.

HydraDev has grown year over year to an ever-expanding multi-disciplinary team of world-class talented developers. In 2024, Hydradev became a part of The Loop co. group, enhancing our services to deliver even more innovative solutions to our clients.

The devil is in the details

We use our extensive experience in talent scouting from an early age and invest heavily in sourcing, training and maintaining our team of expert
software developers.

We understand that to deliver amazing results

Our goal is to always exceed client expectations and deliver real business value, not only a working codebase that meets requirements.

The quality of our team

All of our software engineers are vetted by us, and we recruit only the top profiles we interview. Their English communication skills are impeccable and they possess the soft skills that most freelance programmers lack.

Geographical arbitrage

We have a privileged geographical location in the sense that we easily cover time zones from PST to GMT+5 and more competitive market rates compared to other agencies and “elite” freelance networks.


We operate as a dedicated team, tuned to meet the clients needs, but with the flexibility to scale up or down the team depending on the needs of the project/client/current development cycle.

Almost plug and play at team member level. Essentially, the benefits of hiring a dedicated team without the fixed cost of maintaining a less productive/relevant team or members as the product evolves.

Experience and Excellence

In the last 5 years we have worked with over 100 different clients, from startups in Silicon Valley, to Fortune 500 enterprise clients, with a full success rate and we have certainly launched over 50 products with them.

Part of that comes from the fact that we’ve been working with virtually the same (ever expanding) team since 2015 when we started – mainly because we invest in their constant training, treat them well, don’t accept any project without feasibility and work with clients towards making the unfeasible, feasible by advising and driving the project with their help.

Here are some of our Software Development success stories

sales performance app

Sales Perfomance App

Mobile app along with the web platform created to help companies improve revenue and sales performance
Dental Support Dashboard

Dental Support Platform

The web platform aims to help dental support organizations and dental practices manage their dental office supplies inventory and ordering through an easy-to-use interface.
Hire Remote Talent Platform

Remote Talent Platform

The product makes it easy to hire remote talent and employees anywhere in the world, providing them with access to home comforts such as local healthcare and social contributions while working for a global team.

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