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Sales Perfomance App

The product

The mobile app along with the web platform was created to help companies improve revenue and sales performance.

Sales Perfomance App

The objective

The most important role in growing a business is sales, but its models are outdated. The main objective was then to put the power of empathy and intuition back in the palm of the salesperson’s hand. The platform combines data and AI with human insights to help salesperson’s to close the most complex deals, ultimately delivering a sales concierge and coach for on-demand support.

Tech stack

The base of the platform is PHP utilizing the full power and features of the Laravel framework. Along with Vue.js we created a modern and dynamic mobile app and web platform. We used AWS for cloud computing and AI training, consuming data from Third-parties, Public data sources, Internal data sources, Social information, Job postings, Reviews, and more.


The result

We created a platform that, with the help of AI and nano-training, gives you data to reach the right prospects with the right narrative at the right time. This is accomplished by taking data from the company’s CRM, enriching it and creating an algorithm that provides a view into the accounts and people who are most likely to work with the same. Since salespeople are used to consuming data from multiple sources, this platform brings all data points into one view on the client’s device. This drastically increases the chances of success by accessing curated information contextualized based on the value proposition, it can make all conversations more meaningful with prospects.