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Remote Talent Platform

Hire Remote Talent Platform

The product

The product makes it easy to hire remote talent and employees anywhere in the world, providing them with access to home comforts such as local healthcare and social contributions while working for a global team.

Hire Remote Talent Platform

The objective

The objective was to create a Knowledge API to be re-usable for every internal team. As we owned the Knowledge domain, we always had to work with every team, and assist them to give them the proper knowledge they needed.

Hire Remote Talent Platform

Tech stack

We focused on using Node.JS, React and Typescript as the base to create everything. We also used AWS for cloud support and Lambda.

Hire Remote Talent Platform

The result

In the end, we’ve improved on every aspect of the work of multiple teams by delivering a fast and secure API that returns the knowledge they need without needing to go to CMS or other external sources.