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How To Choose A Nearshore Company

Choosing the best nearshore software development company can be an exhausting process. Different variables with different weights come into place during the selection process.

Are we trying to sell our nearshore services? Absolutely. Do we think we’re the best option for you? Undoubtedly. Should you go with for us? Yes, but we are aware that this isn’t a game. There’s a lot at stake and for that reason we have decided to create a checklist that compiles the essential tasks that will help single out the most compatible, professional, and reliable nearshore software developers

#1 – Expertise & Experience

Whether in Portugal, Spain or the Baltic countries, the nearshore software development outsourcing industry has been growing consistently, so you’ll have a lot to choose from, but not all of them might be suitable. Therefore: Expertise & Experience.

The first thing to probe with any prospective partners is whether they have experience in your specific industry, and how far that experience stretches over time. There are companies that specialize in one specific tech stack or one specific business area (e.g.banking). And there’s companies that have thrived for many years with clients in every type of industry, which is the best indication that they’re doing something right. What exactly are you looking for? A team extension? An end-to-end team to deliver a project?

#2 –  RFP’s vs Facetime (know the people)

Too often, companies will make a decision based solely on an RFP (Request For Proposal is a business document that announces a project, describes it, and solicits bids from qualified contractors to complete it).

In our opinion , an RFP is a document that doesn’t show company’s full scope. They are easy to manipulate and will tell you nothing about the people you will be dealing with. That’s why we advise you to use an RFI (Request for Information) as an initial tool to whittle down your candidates.

Knowing your potential partner on a face-to-face basis, as well as seeing the facilities and environment in which they operate, is still the best way to really know your partner. If it isn’t possible to take a visit, especially on COVID time, schedule some video calls or video tours so you can visualize the company you’ll be working with and see what makes them tick.

Most companies would be happy to welcome you, but if they don’t, take that as a red flag.

#3 – Ask Them to Demonstrate Their Abilities  

If the pitch is based on prior experience, ask your potential partner to prove it by walking you through it. Every time a client asks us to do so, we gladly show it; we are proud of every project that we’ve worked on and for us it’s like a badge of honor.

Asks us technical, specific questions, especially when the project is complex and requires a mix of tech-stacks and platforms.

#4 – Don’t Think that Price Is Everything  

If your project is key to your business, don’t go for price alone when selecting a partner. Sure, the price is important, but it shouldn’t be on the top of your priority list. The track record of developing high-quality products is far more impactful than the initial asking price.

However, when you are assessing the price, factor your partner’s technical capabilities along with their ability to respond quickly and proactively to roadblocks. Do they have enough resources to manage the project effectively? Is there enough bandwidth to scale the team if necessary? Does that cost also include adequate insurance to cover any eventuality?

Traditionally, companies have gone to Asia to find the absolute lowest offshore outsourcing prices, but when a project requires real-time interaction between teams, like with Agile or Scrum methodologies, it’s a better investment to pay slightly more for time zone alignment.

In the end, just remember that the long-term gains that come from a trusted, professional nearshore software development partnership are far more attractive than a low price point.

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