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6 Reasons On Why To Nearshore Outsourcing – Part II

Continuing the point being made in the last blogpost, we follow with 3 more reasons on why you should Nearshore your software development.

There are a lot of factors you, as a project manager, must weigh before deciding where to outsource, and finally, to whom you want to outsource. Confidence that the project will be delivered on time and well-done is a must. But those factors were already approached in the last post.

So… what other factors intervene in the final decision?

4. Lack Of Developers 

There is a global shortage of talent, and this has become an emerging risk that organizations are facing. You have a brilliant core team, but you cannot overclock them forever, facing a risk of several burnouts. Besides that, nobody is perfect at everything. Outsourcing specific tasks and projects to Nearshore Developers, your company will improve performance by drawing on the niche skills of experts in certain fields, and you will be able to improve the performance of your core team by not giving tasks that are off their expertise.

5. Familiarity With EU Laws And Regulations

This one is singular, but you must nearshore to a company that is familiar with E.U. laws and regulations. The importance of this benefit of nearshore outsourcing should not be neglected.

6. Weather & Food

Now, this might be the least important thing (especially if we consider that, at the moment (February 2021), we live in the middle of a pandemic), but we do really have a fantastic country. Visiting Portugal will always meet your expectations, especially if you’re a fan of great beaches, love to relax in an idyllic scenery that the North and South of Portugal offers. What about the cuisine? You will find that our country has a fantastic variety of dishes – meat and daily-fished fish – and pastries that are godsends.

If you are still not yet convinced, let us know, and we’ll be more than happy to show you other reasons why you should outsource with us!