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Why To Nearshore Outsourcing

6 Reasons On Why To Nearshore Outsourcing – Part I

If you are here you probably have a software development project on your hands that you have to deliver ASAP (when isn’t it ASAP?), but also must be made with passion, well crafted and can’t blow up your budget.

Over the last decade, outsourcing has been embraced by all kinds of companies to reduce costs (mostly for that reason) but those companies don’t want to compromise the quality of the project. We must not forget that “time is of the essence” which implies that “well done” means done in a timely fashion.

So…what are the 6 reasons to nearshore outsourcing? Here we present the first three.

1. Proximity

Offshoring a software development project means that you might work in different time zones, and that leads to less control regarding deadlines, quality, workflows and project completion.

If it is important to you to work in the same time zone (or with a maximum of 2h difference – especially if you aren’t on site and are managing at distance), and it’s important to have your team in the same work momentum, nearshore outsourcing beats offshoring. Besides the aspect of remote management, nearshore allows you to pop-up whenever you need to the site that is developing your software project.

2. Cultural Similarities

Offshoring promises a lot on reducing overhead expenses, but more often than it should be, you run into cultural barriers or communication obstacles that withdraw the benefits of the initial arrangement.

That doesn’t mean that Nearshore is excluded from these problems. It just means that the problems caused by language barriers or cultural norms are often softer/easier to deal with. Culturally, Portugal might be a lot different from Sweden, but did you know that on average, Portuguese people usually work 39,5 weekly hours while Swedish work on average 35,9h per week?.

And as in Sweden, English is widely spoken in Portugal. In fact, all members of Hydradev are fluent in English.

3. Costs

This is often the number one reason why companies outsource development projects. While offshoring companies usually offer lower prices, nearshore outsourcing tends to deliver a higher ROI. Don’t forget that with offshore outsourcing you will have increases on your overhand and timeframes, because of management issues like language gaps and miscommunications between teams. If for you these delays will increase the cost to complete a project, on the other side (the developer side), these issues can have a negative impact on their quality of life–resulting in high turnover and burnout, which in turn, affect software quality, which in turn affect time to complete a project.

Nearshore outsourcing allows you to dramatically cut down on the number of working hours and resources required to hit deadlines.

And these are 3 of the main reasons why you should Nearshore instead of Offshore. Here, at Hydradev, our clients gain access to top development talent working in the GMT time zone.

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