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Founded in 2015, with only 3 talented developers, Hydradev has since then grown to an expanding multi-disciplinary team.
Our goal is to implement the best software solutions for any given problem – the more challenging the better.

We want to be known as tech development house that delivers the finest tailored software solutions possible, and that’s why we recruit the best developers (or those with most potential) and prepare them for any given project.

Our background in R&D. This gives us the cutting edge we need to rise above others, stay ahead in a competitive market in developing Tailored Software Development Solutions.

We’ve completed over 40 projects in various tech stacks ranging from Node.js and Python to React Native and native Android. Our team consists of various specialists in each of these technologies, as well as experience in many state-of-the-art domains such as NLP, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. We are constantly expanding our services and adopting the bleeding edge technologies and frameworks to make our work more efficient and robust.

We are always looking for talented
developers to join us.
We develop software solutions
tailored to your need.