Software Development

Finish your software development project using our nearshore teams.

What we offer

In these projects, end-to-end software development, we need you to let us understand all the project requirements including an in-depth business, technology and system analysis.

Our experience has let us know that client commitment and daily engagement are critical success factors when it comes to project delivery.

So, it is imperative that you, the client, take full ownership of the requirement specification. By using Scrum methodology to manage a software development project, we know that our performance and communication will be always on-point.

Flow of nearshoring dedicated teams service

Step 1


  • Initial Request Analysis
  • NDA signature
  • Framework agreement
  • Understanding business needs
  • Consulting with technical experts
  • Team choice and acceptance of business needs

Step 2


  • Signature of service order
  • Signature of framework agreement
  • Cooperation with Delivery and Sales
  • Understanding high level requirements
  • Agreeing on engagement and ramp-up approach

Step 3


  • Setting up the team and tools
  • Audit of existing code, design and infrastructure
  • Joint development of specification and project plan
  • Risk assessment
  • Possible proof of concept

Step 4


  • Ongoing communication
  • Transparent delivery process – issue tracking
  • Quality control
  • Pre-agreed ramp-up/ramp-dow

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