Acess to our nearshore services and build your dream IT team

By hiring a nearshoring service to your company’s project, you will be delegating tasks to companies in neighboring countries.

And neighboring is the keyword that differentiates nearshoring from outsourcing.

It’s this proximity that allows your company to have a partner that is:

culturally like

geographical nearby

Same Time Zones

But above all these reasons, being close you will have a better control over:

Operational Expenditures


At HydraDev it doesn’t matter what line of work your company is in.

What matters is helping your company achieve exceptional results by having the best and most talented IT developers coming through.

What Nearshore Services are you looking for?

Staff Augmentation

We deliver the missing competencies in your team to get the job done under budget and on time.

• Low risk of investment
• No cost of recruitment and employment
• Easy to scale
• Talent pool with proven skills and experience
• Great English language communication skills

Dedicated Teams

Ramp up your project with a dedicated nearshore team (or teams) that can be composed of software Back- and Front-End Engineers supported by a Delivery Manager, Team Lead, Architect, Scrum Master, Business Analyst and Manual or Automation Tester.

• Support in account and delivery managers
• Flexibility of team composition and size
• Access to the best IT specialists
• Support of a Business Analyst and Scrum Master
• Great English skills

Project Delivery

The End-to-End Teams are an ideal choice for any company that needs a well-rounded team to handle the whole development of a full software life cycle. Analysis, consultancy, and development will be under our control.

• Management of delivery and risk
• Full managed QA process
• DevOps processes
• Implementation of the project in the production environment
• Collection of all documentation (project and test reports)